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Teaching the Political History of the Equal Rights Amendment

It is of personal research interest to the authors of this website to research the story of politically active Catholic feminist women religious can be taught in any U.S. history, civics or AP U.S. Government & Politics course. The following topics are directly relevant to this story:

U.S. Constitution

        Article V: The Amendment Process

        14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause & the Due Process Clause

        19th Amendment: Women’s Suffrage

    U.S. Laws

        Civil Rights Act of 1964, especially Title VII

        Title IV of the Education Amendment Act of 1972

    Supreme Court Cases

        Reed v. Reed (1971)

        Craig v. Boren (1976)

        Frontiero v. Richardson (1973)

        United States v. Morrison (2000)

        United States v. Virginia (1996)

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