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Public History Projects


Learn more about the advisory group of students interested in advocating for an AP U.S. Women's History course led by Kate Ragatz

Palo Alto Women's History Month
ERA in Seneca Falls

Wikipedia Writing

Serene is a Wikipedian who frequently edits pages about women's political history. You can see a list of pages she has created on her Wikipedia user page.

CA 202 Suffrage Project

California Women's Suffrage Project

Serene served as one of the coordinators for the San Francisco Bay Area during the California Women's Suffrage Project centennial. This project aimed to raise awareness about California suffragists.

Myra V. Simmons

Honoring Suffragists

Many California suffragists are buried at Cypress Lawn Cemetery in San Bruno, including Myra V. Simmons whose gravesite is pictured above. Learn more about our visit to honor their work from the
Cypress Lawn historian.

ERA at 100

Check out our google map where we are mapping historic sites related to the history of the Equal Rights Amendment. This project is in honor of the 2023 centennial, recognizing 100 years since the ERA was first introduced in Congress.

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